Hunger Games

My amazing fiance bought me the entire China Glaze Hunger Games Collection from Sally's online. I can't wait to get these and try them. I am so excited. My most anticipated color right now is the Harvest Moon. Please take a look and tell me your favorite.



  1. lucky you!! i wish my boyfriend would buy me a set! XD he would just say its a waste of money. LOL

    1. I am a psychology major and I have a few ways around that lol. Nail polish makes you happy and gives you an extra boost of confidence, you get enjoyment out of that. It's pretty sad that someone would say that how something so small and simple could be a waste of money when it makes you feel good. You could also go the angry defensive way and walk around the house and find all the stuff of his that was a waste of money, lol. Nail polish serves a purpose to you, it also serves him as well cause if you are happy you will let him be happy too, lol. In my house if momma ain't happy no one is, lol. I have rambled on enough :) thank you for your post.

  2. My boyfried is very supportive of my addiction as well. LOL It's funny, he always says "It's way more affordable and easier to store than a shoe obsession!" Im really digging 'Fast Track' but I want to see it in person at my local Sally's before I buy.