Organic & Natural, Does it even exist anymore?

     How many of you read the labels of your makeup? Do you stand in the store and make sure certain chemicals are not present before you buy? More and more people are reading the labels of everything before they buy. It was one thing years ago to make sure your makeup was not tested on animals but today the concern is much worse. With all the GMO's and chemicals hidden in the things we eat, touch, breath, and put on our faces or in our hair it is a wonder we buy anything anymore. What is the one thing you look for when you buy?
     I know since the knowledge about GMO's have surfaced, I am very careful what I bring into my home and subject my family to. I make my own laundry detergent, buy from local growers, and stay away from anything that may be related to genetically modified organisms. It is not just trying to make crops bigger and produce more food, now it is straight poison. Chicken nuggets from McDonald's have been found to contain silicone and anything with grain or corn syrup is as high risk as a bungee jumping or race car driving. Actually it is even more so lately with the cancer rates and the proven infertility issues occurring in people and labs. The only thing I can ask people is to do your research before you buy. I try to promote organic makeup as well as foods. It is pretty sick what we trust our FDA and government with when it comes to our safety. Look what they do with it. Monsanto won't even serve it's own food in their cafeterias but expect us to eat it. Research people. Fight the good fight and stand up for your rights.